During the Russian occupation of the Chornobyl Zone in early 2022, a local informant is clandestinely filming the Russian troops. We hear the workers of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station discuss their experiences during the Russian military takeover of their facility – an act of nuclear terror which threatened another global disaster at this site. Past and present catastrophic scenarios intertwine in this episode of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This work has been developed as part of the Reckoning Project, a media and forensic effort to aimed at investigating and prosecuting Russian war crimes in Ukraine.


Director: Oleksiy Radynski
Producer: Lyuba Knorozok
Сamera: Max Savchenko & Anonymous
Sound director & sound designer: Andriy Borysenko
Editor: Taras Spivak
Editing advisor: Mykola Bazarkin
Color grading: Kseniya Bannikova

Oleksiy_Radynski_Photo by Anastasiya Mantach

Oleksiy Radynski

Oleksiy Radynski is a filmmaker and writer based in Kyiv. His films experiment with documentary forms and practices of political cinema. They have been screened at film festivals and in art contexts worldwide, including International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), e-flux (New York), Docudays (Kyiv) etc. His latest film Chornobyl 22 won the Grand Prix at Oberhausen International Short Film Festival in 2023.